Changing door lock cylinders and lock secrets

Changing door lock cylinders and lock secrets

Do you feel unsafe in your home and want to change cylinders or lock keys? Depending on your needs, our technicians will present you with the best solutions.

We work with simple and armored locks , namely the D-Up or New Power models from the prestigious Dierre brand , which have anti-skid, anti-perforation and anti-manipulation systems.

When it comes to lock secrets , we are also qualified to deal with innovative digital technology as well as advanced numerical systems from brands considered a reference in the market.

Book our services for change of cylinders and lock secrets now and avoid theft of goods and large losses. All services are carried out by serious professionals, whose registration has been verified.

Installation of door locks and lock cylinders in the Algarve

Installation of door locks and cylinders in the Algarve

Our company specializes in installing locks and cylinders, both in more traditional models and in high security equipment, mainly applied to armored doors .

At this level, we are qualified to operate with traditional keys – flat, cross, point and single and double bit – and with automatic systems (digital, numeric or with an electromagnetic card).

All the products we work with have passed demanding reliability tests from independent laboratories and also come with quality certification issued by the European Union.

Book your installation of locks and cylinders with our team now and, in a short time and in an economical and effective way, provide more security and comfort to your home or workplace.

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