Changing and installing door locks in the Algarve

Changing and installing door locks in the Algarve

Our company is an expert in changing and installing locks, whether on traditional doors or multi-brand armored doors , especially from the Italian Dierre , the best-selling in Portugal.

Our catalog includes numerous products with different degrees of security, namely cannons with powerful anti-skid, anti-perforation, anti-bumping and anti-manipulation systems (false keys).

To carry out this work perfectly, we have highly specialized professionals with proven experience, with state-of-the-art machines, superior quality materials and an equipped fleet.

If you want more information about changing and installing locks, talk to our technicians and find out all the conditions. We provide a 2-year guarantee on the services provided.

Changing high security locks Algarve

Changing high security locks Algarve

Changing high security locks is a job required in situations such as: lost, forgotten or stolen keys, not knowing the code or in attempted break-ins or theft.

Our technicians operate with manual systems – flat, cross, point and single and double bit keys – and with automatic equipment (digital, numeric or with an associated electromagnetic card).

Schedule your change of high security locks with our employees now and feel extremely safe in your home again. Invest in quality, rigor, seriousness and professionalism.

Changing the lock cylinders 

Our team specializes in changing lock cylinders, particularly from the renowned Dierre , one of the most sold brands in the world thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio.

We operate with locks that contain the most innovative locks from this Italian brand – namely D-Up and New Power –, which has been dedicated to researching high security products for 50 years.

Request a free, no-obligation quote on changing lock cylinders and see instantly how much you can save if you opt for our top-of-the-line, 100% personalized services.

Solicite um orçamento grátis e sem compromisso em mudança de canhão de fechaduras e verifique na hora quanto pode economizar se optar pelos nossos serviços topo de gama e 100% personalizados.

Changing the lock cylinder in Algarve

24-hour door lock change service

24-hour lock change service in Algarve

We work with traditional and automatic systems

They tried to rob your house or apartment and now you need a company that can quickly change the locks 24 hours a day, but you don’t know any reliable ones?

SOS Abertura de Portas has pickets that operate 365 days a year (including at night, weekends and holidays), providing this service quickly, effectively, economically and without damaging the doors.

Don’t waste any more time. Call our 24-hour service immediately and, in record time, our technicians will be at the right location to take care of changing the locks. Our best at your disposal.

Changing and repairing locks in Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Loulé

Have you lost your keys or been the victim of an attempted robbery and now you need to find a company that can urgently change or repair your locks?

This service must be carried out by professionals and never by amateurs, as the door is the only barrier that exists in relation to the outside and, if the work is not done correctly, it could be compromising your safety.

For more details on changing and repairing locks, speak to our technicians. Guarantee of premium service and that we always take your real needs into account.

Changing and repairing locks in the Algarve

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