Door Lock Cylinders in Algarve

Door Lock Cylinders in Algarve

Our company ensures the sale, assembly and exchange of lock cylinders for both residential and business spaces, on simple or multi-brand armored doors .

Highlight goes to Dierre , sales leader in Portugal and abroad, because, as it has been dedicated for 50 years to researching high security solutions, it always presents models with an excellent quality/price ratio.

From this Italian brand, we also work with the top cylinders, D-Up and New Power, which have powerful anti-drill, anti-perforation, anti-bumping and anti-manipulation systems (false keys).

For more details about lock cylinders, contact our technicians immediately and discover the entire available portfolio. Invest in seriousness, rigor and professionalism.

Changing lock cylinders Algarve

Changing lock cylinders Algarve

Is your door having problems opening the door and do you need a company that can change lock cylinders in record time and economically?

If it is necessary to exchange parts, we have multi-brand suppliers, who ensure that they are delivered on time, thus avoiding any inconvenience for customers.

Schedule your lock change with our employees now and feel much safer and more comfortable in your house or apartment. 2 year warranty on all services.

Lock cylinder conversion

Our team converts double bit lock cylinders to European profile cylinder locks, one of the high security models currently most used in our country.

To carry out excellent work every time, we have trained professionals with proven experience, extremely innovative machines and a properly equipped fleet.

Ask our employees for a 100% free, no-obligation quote for lock cylinder conversion and find out instantly how much you can save if you opt for our services.

Solicite aos nossos funcionários um orçamento 100% grátis e sem qualquer compromisso para conversão de canhões de fechaduras e saiba na hora quanto pode economizar se optar pelos nossos serviços.

Algarve door lock cylinder conversion

Changing lock cylinder secrets

Changing lock cylinder secrets in Algarve

Manual or automatic door lock cylinders from reputable brands

We are experts in changing the secrets of lock cylinders, a job that is always carried out by reputable professionals, as only trustworthy people can have access to customers’ codes.

At this level we operate with traditional keys – flat, cross, point and single and double bit – and also with automatic equipment (digital, numeric or with an associated electromagnetic card).

It should be noted that we only change the secrets of lock cylinders that have a quality certificate issued by the European Union and that have been tested by reference laboratories.

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